Plant baths

There is also tradition of plant bath composed of cold infusion of aromatic plants which are used for cleansing, removing of bad luck (saladera), external bad vibrations (malas vibras), witchcraft or bad influence of other people (mal de gente).

Shaman brings fresh plants and put them in cold water for several hours to make a cold infusion. Plants used for plant baths are: ajo sacha, chiric sanango, chuchuhuasi, basil, aromatic plants, and flowers like rosa sisa. Ajo sacha and chiric sanango are used for removing bad luck and heavy unwanted energies coming from outside, patiquina for removing bad luck and sickness, chuchuhuasi is strong tree so it helps to stand your ground, basil and aromatic plants are used to repel negative influence and attract good energies.

Sometimes few drops of jungle honey and special perfumed waters like agua de florida or kananga are used to add more refined and purification effect into the plant bath.

Client also come with his own tobacco which he put in bath before to add his own strength into the bath.

Plant bath soothes skin and is used for calming down, relaxing the busy mind, and stressed body. It helps to attune to the rhythms and energies of jungle. Its aromatic properties also make a protective shield around aura of person.

Usually plant bath is followed by mud bath composed of special mineral clay from jungle. It is rich in minerals and many jungle animals and colorful birds and butterflies come to lick it and eat it and when they gather there they do not eat each other. Mud bath open the pores in skin so it can cleanse deeply. After mud bath, skin is washed and is refreshed by minerals.

Next day Mud bath is followed by followed by Fruit bath which has fresh fruit oils from tropical fruits like mango, banana, guava, maracuja, oranges and pineapple for deep nourishment of skin with open pores.

Next day Fruit bath is followed by flower bath which has flowers for deep nourishment of skin (with cleansed and nourished pores) to seal them with their special biofilm of protective layer. Flowers we use have medicinal effects on skin, and also on many layers of tissues under the skin which helps blood flow and circulation, increased metabolism, detoxifying and cell regeneration.

For interested people we have also Biocosmetic procedures to nourish skin with special fruit oils and flower waters for regenerating, anti-aging and deep nourishing effect.