Medicinal plants

In our botanical garden and retreats we can use these medicinal plants and much more, depending on the illness or problem to be treated.

Medicinal plants

    Ayahuasca cielo (Banisteropsis caapi)

    Ayahuasca cielo means “heavenly” ayahuasca and is used in ayahuasca ceremonies. The vine is traditionally boiled with chacruna (Psychotria viridis). Ayahuasca is used for cleansing from parasites, detoxification, to learn from spiritual realm and gain of new vigor and stamina for life. Ayahuasca has also effect on neuroplasticity of the brain and formation of new neurons and neuron pathways.

    Chacruna (Psychotria viridis)

    Chacruna is used as admixture for ayahuasca. The juice from leaves is used as drops for eyes in case of migraines and neurologic disorders.

    Ajo sacha (Mansoa alliacea)

    Ajo sacha is used in baths for dispatching of bad luck, for relieving pain, reducing inflammations, calming coughs, reducing fever, reducing spasms, killing of viruses and lowering of blood pressure. It is also teacher plant which teaches value of the heart, courage and self-esteem.

    Chiric sanango (Brunfelsia grandiflora)

    Chiric sanango is used for relieving pain, healing of inflammation, rheumatism, arthritis, disorder of neurological system, moves lymphatic fluids and have moderate sedative effect. It is also teacher plant which teaches how to open the heart, bravery and concentrated use of will and decision making, it moves through energetic blocks to the point they dissipate.

    Mocura (Petivera alliacea)

    Mocura is used for reducing of the pain, killing of bacteria and fungi, reducing inflammation and free radicals, prevents tumors and kills leukemia cancer cells, enhances immunity, reduce spasms and anxiety and is also used for epilepsy. It is used in baths for good luck and it is also teacher plant. Mocura teaches bravery in hunt, and acute senses and awareness of ones environment.

    Piri piri (Cyperus articulatus)

    Piri piri is used for toothaches, headaches, malaria, calming and sedating, for anxiety, to expel worms , reducing seizures, prevents convulsions. Kills bacteria, yeast and is contraceptive. It is also teacher plant which teaches laws of attraction.

    Putu putu (Eichornia crassipes)

    Putu putu is known as water hyacint, it is used for skin irritation, as tonic, for problems of “hot tempers and hot blood”, it has anticancer properties against breast tumor cell lines and antimicrobial actions. Putu putu is also teacher plant, which teaches about water and underwater world, its inhabitants and medicines of water. Mother of this plant is Yacumama, mother of water.

    Pinon colorado (Jatropha gossypifolia)

    Pinon colorado is used for headaches, wounds, abscesses, inflammation, poisoning, bites of venomous insect, for detoxifying. It is used for cleansing heavy energies, spiritual intrusions and for protection. Pinon colorado is also teacher plant which teaches laws of protection, cleansing from heavy energies and is also like psychologist, able to explain where are various energetical blocks and knots, teaches why they developed and guides how to untangle them.

    Rosa sisa (Tagetes erecta)

    Rosa sisa is used against parasites, for stomach problems, aids digestion, colic and severe constipation. Externally it is used to treat sores, acne, eczema, ulcers and sore eyes.

    Rosa sisa is also teacher plant used for concentrate dizzy mind and recovering soul lost in distant places after shocks or traumas or addictions. It is used against tunchi (dead souls), mal aires (bad airs) and other bad or intrusive energies in internal use , diets or flower baths and cleansing the house.

    Patiquina (Dieffenbachia obliqua)

    Patiquina is very toxic plant and also skin irritant. All species of patiquinas are strongly protective and are used in small doses in baths for expelling bad luck, sickness or sorcery, to repel evil eye and envy. Patiquina has many varieties: green, white, speckled, rose – they teach how to heal and how to see the origin of disease.

    Sangre de grado (Crotom lechreri)

    Sangre de grado is medicinal tree that produce red sap, which is used for healing wounds , stop bleeding, internal bleedings, sores, eczema, inflammation of skins and wounds or inner tissues. It kills viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites.

    Ojé (Ficus insipida)

    Ojé is specie of strangling fig, which grows as vine and tree as well. Its sap is used against parasites, as purgative, for purifying the blood to prevent more serious illness, for reumatism, toothache, for anemia, for boosting memory capacity, for calming after bites of fire ants and serpents.

    Toe blanco (Brugmansia suaveolens)

    Toé blanco is very toxic plant and is used as master medicine and shamanic plant only in the hands of very experienced curandero. It is used in form of plaster for healing of traumatic injuries, severe pains, eczema, debilitated nervous system to stimulate blood flow and activity of vegetative nerve system for better mobility of paralyzed parts of body. Flowers have a anticancer activity for colorectal carcinoma.

    Toe blanco is strong visionary master plant and it requires 1-6 months of plant diet.

    Jergon sacha (Dracontium loretense)

    Jergon sacha has pulp roots which is used for snakebites to neutralize the snake poison. It is also used for scorpion, bee, wasp, spider bites and for wounds which do not heal well. It also kills viruses and reduce inflammation. In folk medicine it is used for AIDS and stimulating debilitated immune system. It is also used for bronchitis, coughs and asthma.

    Guisador (Curcuma longa)

    Curcuma or turmeric has powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. It is used for alleviating arthritic pains, upset stomach, anxiety and depression, boost neurothropic factor, it stimulates white immune cells, has anticancer properties, is used for wound healing, urinary tract infections, liver ailments, chronic anterior uveitis, conjunctivitis.

    Achiote (Bixa orellana)

    Achiote seed juice is traditionally used as red dye, and red tattoo. It works against viruses, bacteria, fungi and parasites. It is used for reducing phlegm, fever, to stimulates and cleanse blood, dries secretions, soothes membranes, stimulates digestion, increase urination, lowering blood pressure, healing wounds, it is also mildly laxative and protects the liver.

    Sharamasho (Ocimum micranthum)

    Sharamasho is used as tonic and adaptogen. It calms down the level of stress hormones like adrenalin and cortizol and help to calm body and mind after long periods of chronic stress. It also help the stomach and digestion and has strong anti-inflammatory properties. It is very fragrant plant used for baths for relationships. It is also “la planta amorosa” , the love plant and also teacher plant. Sharamasho teaches how to unite mind and heart, how to stop living in the head, how to de-stress and fell emotions again and feel fine subtleties of our perfume which we send every day into world by our own being.

    Albahaca (Ocimum campechianum)

    Amazonian basil is used for intestinal disturbances, colics, stomach problems, colds, various types of flu, menstrual period problems, and used as remedy for colombian pit viper bites. It has antimicrobial, cardiovascular and antioxidant effects. Albahaca is very fragrant and is used in flower baths for good luck and protection.

    Verbena blanca (Verbena littoralis)

    Verbena blanca has bitter taste which is sometimes used as purgative. It has antiinflammatory properties, is used for headaches and even migraines, stimulating peristaltic movement and diuresis, as stomach digestive and cleansing the blood from various poisons. It is used to harmonize female hormonal system and to prevent acne. Verbena blanca is also teacher plant and teaches in dreams.

    La Ruda (Ruta graveolens)

    La Ruda is Rue and has wide range of medicinal properties. Rue is used for healing of skin problems like eczema, scars, burns and wounds which do not heal well. It is also used topically and internally in small doses for pains, back pains, nerve inflammation and bone pains. Rue is also effective against insects, bacteria, viruses and parasites. Rue distract and cleanses negative energies, protects well and attract positive energy. It is also teacher plant , teaches various arts like colors, perspective, art imagination. Rue was used by Michelangelo and Leonardo Da Vinci to get inspiration for their arts and they both wrote about their experiences.

    Valeriana (Valeriana officinalis)

    Valeriana is used for good sleeping, for anxiety and spasms and also to relieve stress after long periods of stressful life. Valeriana prolongs and stabilize sleep. It is also used for stomach and intestine cramps. By working on calming down the stress levels, valeriana also help naturally to boost food apetite. Valeriana is also teacher plant and teaches about relaxing and action as principles of active life, and teaches about realm of dreams and sleep. 

    Yerba buena (Mentha piperita)

    Yerba buena is mint. It is used for stomach ailments, for relaxing, for anxiety, insomnia, reducing spasms, headaches, improve irritable bowel syndrom, relief indigestion. Mint can improve brain function by reducing the stress levels. Mint is also teacher plant and teaches about earth, move between dark recesses of soul and elevation of yourself as away of transcending self-limitations, thought-forms or culturally imprinted patterns. It teaches new ways of life.

    Aloe (Aloe vera)

    Aloe vera is very well know for its skin-healing properties and biocosmetic uses. It promotes oral health, treat acne, skin irritations, scars, eczema, infected wounds, burns an bruises. It can moisturize skin and soothe the wrinkles. It helps digestion and all illnesses which have origin in auto-immune response.

    Agave (Agave sp.)

    Agave can aid in wound healing and can speed-up process of healing. It is also effective antiseptic, so it is prepared for topical applications for burns, scars and infected wounds. It is also very good for hair, facial skin and skin of hands in biocosmetic use. Agave nectar boost immune system, anti-inflammatory properties and help with nutrient absorption.

    Ayahuma (Couroupita guianensis)

    Ayahuma is very protective tree. It is also used as anticonceptive plant and for menstrual. Problems. Decoction of flowers is used for calming of pain. Bark of fruit and fruit pulp is used for psychological and neurological disorders. It is used for soul loss, to retrieve lost or distant parts of soul back. Traditionally this tree is also used against bad spirits, as protection and against sorcery. Ayahuma is also demanding teacher plant which requires 3-12 months of dieta.

    Chullachaqi caspi (Remijia sp.)

    This tree is said to be inhabited by Chullachaqi, mother of jungle “madre de monte”. It is spirit of jungle who cares about pristine health of jungle and that limits of hunting of animals by humans will not surpass its limits. Chullachaqi is shapeshifting in its nature and is said to be able to morph into to mischievous spirit who can lead people astray deeper in jungle through illusions and tricks. It teaches only most formidable vegetalistas, and there are lot of accounts of strong tests (pruebas) that happened trough diets. Its medicine is used for very heavy illnesses , traumas or deep seated block which are hard to move or heal.

    Lupuna blanca (Ceiba pentandra)

    Lupuna blanca is said to be gurdian of jungle. It can be used to treat headache, type II. diabetes, it can be also used as diuretic and aphrodisiac, for treatment of dysentery, skin diseases, bronchitis, arthritis, fever, prarasitic infections, diarrhea and even the insect bite. This tree is treated with much reverence because in other cases it can fight back and punish people who transgress boundaries between human, animal and jungle world.

    This tree holds many secrets and is willing to give its medicine only through most rigorous diet. The diet with lupuna blanca is from 3-6 months.

    Chuchuhuasi (Maytenus laevis)

    Chuchuhuasi is medicinal tree. It reduce inflammation and is mainly used for treating arthritis, rheumatism, back pain, stiff muscles. It is also known aphrodisiac for both women and men. It is part of famous siete-raices liquor, which is used as heal-all in Amazonia. It relieves pain, relax muscles and has immunomodulatory effects on immune system. It is known to prevent cancer and kills cancer cells, stimulates digestion and support adrenals. It is good medicine after period of long running exhaustion. Chuchuhuasi is teacher tree to teach protection, ability to stand your ground, root into your own environment and to have a healthy relationship with your own body.

    Huito (Genipana americana)

    Huito as a fruit fruit is edible only when it is overripe. Otherwise it can be used for bronchitis, body paint, diarrhea, tooth pain and extraction, uterine cancer, female genital inflammation, asthma and as abortifacient. Pulverized unripe fruit is excellent tonic and prevention against getting cold and inflammation of lungs in humid environment of jungle.

    Huingo (Crescentia cujete)

    Fruits of Huingo are used as bowls for food, water and other beverages. It is also used a musical instruments (maraca). It is used as expectorant, antitussive for coughs. It has also laxative and stomachic properties and is used for bronchitis, asthma, diarrhea.

    Huingo is also a teacher plant, bark from fruit teaches how to get into the world of visions and how to maintain its arrival with calling them by your own passion and love.

    Camalonga (Thevetia peruana)

    Camalonga is a plant used mainly in potions for protection and release of negative energies. Its seeds are used as diagnostic tools by camalongeros, healers who heals only by dieting camalonga seeds and using their icaros. Camalonga is toxic plant, having properties affecting cardiac action and central nervous system. Camalonga is teacher plant, teaching about medicine of animals, other medicinal plants, sky and heaven, medicine of prayers (oraciones) and icaros. Camalonga requires strict diet (dieta seca) which means eating only rice, platanos and water.

    Ajos macho (Allium sativum)

    Jungle garlic is used to treat even severe ailment like: fevers, rheumatism, intestinal worms, parasites infections of unknown origin (including bacterial and viral infections), colic, dysentery, facial paralysis, bronchitis, high blood pressure, tuberculosis, liver disorders. It have also distinctive effect on blood like antithrombotic effect, harmonizing blood factors, antiatherosclerotic effect on veins. It has proven anticancer properties on all stages of life cycle of cancer cells.

    It is also teacher plant to be used for cleansing and grounding yourself, for extraction of unwanted influence or energies, for preparation for strong diets e.g. for mapacho (jungle tobacco).

    Cebolla (Alium cepa)

    Onion and its bulb is antiseptic, carminative, diuretic, febrifuge, hypotensive, stomachic, tonic, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, antispasmodic and expectorant. When onion is used in regular diet, it prevents risks of angina, arteriosclerosis and heart attack. Onion has a ability to relieve congestion in lungs and bronchial tract. It can also draw out infection out of ear. It inhibits cancer cells growth especially in colorectal carcinoma.

    Mapacho (Nicotiniana rustica)

    Mapacho is jungle tobacco and is master plant in Amazonian vegetalismo and shamanism. Through tobacco is transmitted power of medicine and it is also used as offering for spirits. Healers use tobacco smoke (soplo) to heal people directly when they use it with singing of icaros. Liquid potion of mapacho is used for diets and very strong purges which needs special preparations. Mapacho can be used externally in poultices , plasters or wash for rheumatic swelling, skin diseases and scorpion stings.

    Naranja (Citrus aurantium)

    Orange flowers and peels have effect on treating nervous and psychological problems like anxiety, nervous irritability, insomnia, restlessness, disconcentration, overreaction, mood swings. Orange peels and flowers have also very good use in biocosmetic for soothing and healing the skin, scalp, hair and giving natural tone to exhausted complexion. Oranges extracts are also used as stimulants, appetite suppressant, to treat constipation, nausea, to calm down high blood pressure and moderate sedative effects.

    Uchu sanango (Tabernaemontana sananho)

    Uchusanango is used mostly in context of strict diet (dieta seca) and needs base of other diets before. It is used for neurological and psychological disorders, for gaining strength , spiritual exploration. It is strong aphrodisiac. It teaches about self-esteem, self-determination and use of will and boost capacity to make decisions and enhances memory. It is used final process of healing of addictions.

    Ushpawasha sanango (Tabernaemontana undulata)

    Ushpawashasanango is used mostly in context of strict diet (dieta seca) and needs base of other diets before. It is used to cleanse and guide through emotional memory, in the the place of origin where emotions are refreshed and emotional life can start anew. It brings difficult emotions to surface to be lived again. It is used in overcoming traumas, grieving process and it enhances memory.

    Lobo sanango (Tabernaemontana sp.)

    It is used to treat reumatism and abscess, also used for all diseases regarding the bone marrow. It cleans and purify the blood. Lobosanango is teacher plant and is regarded as protective, it teaches power of sleep and relaxing trance mode in order to gain power back.

    Bobinsana (Caliandra angustifolia)

    Bobinsana is teacher plant used for opening of the heart and healing all heart related issues and wounded emotions. It teaches through colourful dreams. It is used for rheumatism, arthritis and disease of cold nature. Bobinsana also teaches about personal relationships, interconnections of humans and nature and how to stay rooted in world of visions.

    Abuta (Cissampelos pariera)

    Abuta is used for cleansing toxins from body and for detox for addictions. It heps with diabetes and high blood pressure. As a teacher plant is used for spiritual exploration. It is also used for women for infertility issues and is known to prevent miscarriage.