Our team

Paul James – manager, plant medicine healer

My name is Paul, I am 38. I was working 15 years in project management and technology transfer. I was working as Director in Biomedicine center from 2010-2016. In our team we were developing new desinfections and also new plant medicine remedies like nutraceptics, biopharmaceulticals and new antibiotics. I have been studying plant medicine and ayahuasca with various tribes in Peru from 2010. In 2016 I went to peruvian High Amazonia city Iquitos and have worked there two years in plant medicine center. From 2017 I decided to follow plant medicine as my only path and and I have been healing people for four years. I use combination of scientifically proven and clinically verified effects of medicinal plants from biomedicinal studies and tradition of plant medicine like Vegetalismo.

Lets Augusto Flores – site manager, professor of history

Secondary education teacher specialized in Social Sciences, graduated from the National University of the Peruvian Amazon (UNAP), knowledgeable on issues about conservation of the ancestral traditions of our native peoples, active diffuser of our Amazon culture.

Active lover of Amazonian biodiversity. With a vision for the sustainable development of a friendly tourism with the environment, such as the rescue of native bees without sting and production of local food. Lets Augusto Flores cooperates with local communities in San Thomas.

Poul Davis – agroforestry specialist

Poul is 28 years old, graduated as ecology engineer at Amazonian University (National University of the Peruvian Amazon – UNAP) with knowledge in botanic and uses of plants in relation to the functionality in the ecosystem (symbiosis) and traditional uses. His speciality is agroforestry (combined planting of fruit trees and other agriculture plants).

Roger Salin – health nurse

Reger Salin is health nurse. He has been working as health nurse in plant medicine retreats last five years so he has enough of experience of combination of medicinal plants and western medicine. He likes football and classic greek literature like Odyssey by Homer. He also has a lot of knowledge or nature around Iquitos and near natural reserves, he worked there as tour guide.

Orinson Yalta – facilitator

Orinson Yalta grew up in the cradle of believers in mother nature, his ancestors believed a lot in the power of nature, that is why since he was little he began to have the teaching of mother nature to help his people. Ori has unique gift in guiding people and give them emotional support through ceremonies and after. Ori has been working as facilitator for ayahuasca ceremonies about 10 years.

Aurora Filipescu – facilitator

Aurora Filipescu worked as engineer at oil platform, but found herself in her work unsatisfied. After she quit this work she entered psychospiritual crisis and awaking at once. Through healing herself through amazonian plants she understanded a lot about suffering and human need to support and understand each other. She has found Virtual open mic café as platform for any free artist to get into community, inspiration and support which is free f judgement. Aurora is from Canada and speaks english.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/virtualopenmic

She make her own crystal jewellery.

Mercedes Barcia Boria – professor of art

Mercedes Barcia Boria is professor of art. First she studied Public High school of Arts “Lorenzo Lujan Darjon” of Iquitos as professional artist, speciality in plastic arts, drawing and painting. She did also technical studies graduating as executive secretary, technique in the clothing industry, specialist in hand embroidery and worked us teacher in the areas of plastic arts, training for work in differents public and private institution from Iquitos city. She conducted a tv show “Creando con Mercedes” in Iquitos.

For and 6 years she worked in Kapitari (center for natural medicine and healing) where she did paintings with clients and analyze it after for them.

Reading of pictures: She offers psychological analyze of the paintings. Paintings often speaks hidden language of unconsciousness . There are contained family relationships, personal relationships, dreams, peoples objectives and also interferences and interactions with larger social background. Used, colors, shapes and symbols and their unique relations speak about emotions, attitudes, desires and blockages. Psychological reading can uncover and decipher them and also outline where is the way for the person to manage critical situations in their life and what tools to employ and which personal characteristics and powers to use to achieve personal goals.

Elena Maria Chuspe Zans

Elena Maria Chuspe Zans works at Universidad Nacional de San Antonio Abad in Cuzco. She teaches ecotourism programmes for native people and system of participative tourism programmes which enables real interculture exchange. She worked before at UNIA (Universidad Nacional Intercultural de la Amazonía) where she investigated relationship between public health of native communities and tradition of medicinal plants.

She also studied Ecosystem services and rural developement.

Her research includes:

  1. Children’s Knowledge of Wild Food Plants in the Forest-Agriculture Interface
  2. Screening of medicinal plants traditionally used in Peruvian Amazon for in vitro antioxidant and anticancer potential
  3. Tree diversity in cacao agroforests in San Alejandro, Peruvian Amazon
  4. Efficient plot-based floristic assessment of tropical forests
  5. Habitat association among Amazonian tree species: A landscape-scale approach

[ Published studies ]

Juan Lucas Rodriguez – shaman, plant medicine healer

Maestro Juan, a 77-year-old man, one of our shamans tells us his story about the experience in the Amazon with medicinal plants, their achievements, their experiences, their patients and the majestic vision that Mother Ayahuasca gives us. Today he gives us his knowledge about being a farmer and being a healer at the same time. He tells us that to be a strong man we must be prepared men for the difficulties prepared by the world of shamanism.

Betsy Chavez Flores – shaman, plant medicine healer

Bety, comes from a family native to the Cocama jungle, and is deeply concerned in her work of cleaning and healing the body, freeing the mind and opening the heart. Bety began her training as a healer at the age of 14, under the guidance of her father, a Cocama shaman. She has dedicated her life to the healing work of ayahuasca, and has made diets and learning about the variety of medicinal plants of the Amazon. She will guide you through your ceremonies with her powerful ikaros and her solid and loving presence.

Don Luis Panduro – shaman, plant medicine healer

Don Luis Panduro is mestizo shaman who has about 30 years of experience. He is ayahuasqero and vegetalista. He heals local people and also people who come from abroad. He is very skilled in giving plant diets, which he uses as main healing tool. He knows many medicinal plants of jungle and like to teach people who are interested in it. He uses ayahuasca cielo as a main vine in ayahuasca ceremonies.

Jhair – Chief of Cocama tribe

Jhair is chief of tribe Cocama in comunity Padre Cocha. They try to preserve their culture, Cocama language and customs like traditional dances. Cocama tribe has their maloca, where they practise native arts, skills, artesany and handicraft so young generation will be able to learn them.

Ener Diaz Nuňéz – visionary artist

I was born on May 26, 1966 in the community of San Salvador de Imaginas, 6 hours from the cities between Nauta and Iquitos on the Amazon River.

I am the penultimate child of 9 siblings. I spent the first 8 years of my life in my hometown, then my parents went to the city of Iquitos where I studied my elementary school and part of high school. In 1983 my sister brought me to the City of Pucallpa where I finished my high school in 1984.

In 1986 I entered the Horacio Zevallos Gámez Higher Pedagogical Institute in Pucallpa as a mathematics teacher. In the course of my studies I continued drawing and painting to support my pedagogical studies that ended in 1990.

In August 1988 I met Master Pablo César Amaringo Shuña, creator and director of his School of Amazonian Painting Usko Ayar who invited me to be part of his school as a student. I am one of his first students. From 1989 to 1991 I was living in his house where you had the opportunity to get to know the teacher Amaringo very closely and learn from his teaching of drawing and painting the flora, fauna, customs, traditions and ways of life of the riverside people. Very early in the morning he taught us different subjects and moral values ​​of altruism.

In 1991, Don Pablo appointed me as a teacher at his school, collaborating for free with the children, youth and adults who entered as new students. During the time I was at the school, the teacher Amaringo gave us the opportunity to exhibit and sell our paintings together with him in different places abroad such as: We started in Finland, England, Italy, Switzerland, Japan, USA, etc. I participated in different meetings of Amazonian artists between Colombia, Brazil and Peru.

Currently I continue with this legacy of the master Pablo Amaringo of painting, offering the world a message of care, protection and maintenance of the flora and fauna of the Peruvian Amazon through my art of the Neo Amazonian current.

Email: ener2008hotmailcom
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ener.diaznunez/

Mauro Réategui Perez – visionary artist

Mauro Réategui Perez is becoming of one of the most visible and sought after Peruvian visionary artists. Having trained with reknown visionary artist, Pablo Amaringo, Mauro has developed distinctive style that has become known internationally and he has had shows through out the Europe and North America. Mauro draws inspiration from the vibrant and rich detailed cosmovision he portrays in his paintings from his own personal spiritual journey working with Amazonian plants and from interviews with shamans he has made over the years. As well as being talented painter, Mauro is also teacher and guide and possess extensive knowledge of cultural life in Peruvian Amazon.

Email: artist.painter.artgmailcom
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mauro.reateguiperez/
Website: http://www.mauroart.com