Our concept

We are offering authentic, safe and well guided three-week ayahuasca retreats. We combine use of traditional medicinal plants with long-term experience of how to treat problems of people in Western cultures (family and relationship problems, traumas, addictions, psychosomatic diseases, searching for new way of life).

Week 1

As introduction in first week we do exercising of handicrafts and native arts with Cocama tribe (like fishing, hunting, survival skills, ceramics, textiles, arts, jungle farming, jungle food preparation, native myths), and every day we learn and practice new skills.

Jungle life is more than meets the eye, it is also thousands of years of human experience how to live sustainably with jungle and how to survive. We are offering glimpse into that world to give our guests this experience and chance to learn these native skills. We also have our own botanical garden with medicinal plants for teaching about plant medicine.

Week 2

After the first week comes the second week with 3-4 Ayahuasca ceremonies, consultations, sharing-circles, plant baths and flower baths and daily use of prescribed medicinal plants.

Week 3

Third week is reserved for Plant diet for deepening and protecting achievements from ayahuasca ceremonies, integrating these experiences into body and soul.

Our medicinal team is composed of plant medicine healer Paul James (studied 10 years plant medicine and practice 6 years) and local shamans and plant medicine healers Juan Lucas Rodriguez, Betsy Chaves Flores and don Luis Panduro Vasquez.

Health nurse is Roger Salin. He has been working as health nurse in plant medicine retreats last five years so he has enough of experience of combination of medicinal plants and western medicine.

Our center is located in rainforest in community San Tomas, about 30 minutes from Iquitos.

After care

We are offering also monitoring and after care in cases when this will be needed in case of difficulties after arrival back home. Especially when it comes to maintaining progress of health-related issues and how to work with that further. We are also offering preparations of plant medicine potions for long-term use for various illnesses or improvements. You can take these plant preparation with you when you will be leaving. After retreat we can also provide wide range of ecotourism programmes (jungle tours, animal centers etc.). We offer consultations by skype, email or phone. 

Price for three-week ayahuasca retreat is $2500 USD.