About us

La Casa de la Medicina means Medicine house, which is traditionally a maloca, ceremonial wooden house in jungle where amazon tribes do their ceremonies.

Our mission

We are an international team of professionals from fields of western Biomedicine, Antropology and traditional healers and shamans.

We combine together experience from science, biomedicine and tradition of plant medicine and shamanism.

Ayahuasca retreats

We are offering authentic, safe and well guided three-week ayahuasca retreats.

We combine use of traditional medicinal plants with long-term experience of how to treat problems of people in Western cultures (family and relationship problems, traumas, addictions, psychosomatic diseases, searching for new way of life).

Local shamans not always understand western culture and western psychological patterns or problems so for that reason we have also healers coming from western culture and experienced facilitators.

Supporting local people

From our work we also support local tribes, local communities in form of education about agroforestry and permaculture and we realize pilot projects for growing organic local food and reforesting degraded rainforest.

In our botanical garden of medicinal plants we keep this tradition and knowledge alive and trying to teach it a new generation of young local people so this tradition will be transmitted and kept alive. We also founded a reserve for ten different ayahuasca species for genetic conservation for the knowledge of their use will not disappear.

This rare collection of ayahuasca species is unique not only in Peru, but in whole South America.